Aircraft Fleet

Advanced Air Ambulance provides a fleet of aircraft that is exclusively dedicated for ICU Critical Care flights. The fleet consists of fixed wing air ambulance jets and twin-engine propeller medevac ambulance planes that are set up for medical air evacuation flights. For more information about our medical equipment on board, read here.


  •   Fast
  •   Reliable
  •   Large
  •   Safe
  •   Quiet

In the private air ambulances medical Jet transport class category, one of the most popular jet air ambulances is the Learjet “Lear Jet” medevac aircraft. We offer several air medical Learjet models that elevate performance to a new level. The reasons for its popularity are many; proven reliability under the most strenuous conditions, quiet and dependable. Depending on the type of Jet air ambulances medevac aircraft you select, they could seat between eight to thirteen passengers including the flight crew.

The leader in the medical Jet transport class air ambulance category is the Learjet aircraft. We offer several Learjet models that elevate performance to a new level. The medical jet Learjet aircraft provides greater power to pilots via superb navigation capabilities. Again, the reasons for its popularity is the unparalleled range, proven reliability, the highest quality construction, a comfortable customized cabin, quiet, dependable and efficient turbofan engines and, of course, mission flexibility. For lifeguard air medical transport mission’s applications, the LearJet air ambulance aircraft are configured to house sophisticated airborne and medical equipment, and also set up for long international medical flight transport. Also in some cases, due to the speed, those configured jet ICU air ambulance aircraft could be used for emergency flights only when applicable.

In addition to the medical LearJet models, we offer other class of ready air ambulance jet aircraft that are larger, luxurious and more expensive. These larger medical jet ICU aircraft may accommodate more family members who wish to accompany the patient. Whether you choose the Gulfstream, the Challenger or the Hawker aircraft, you will see that flying those medical jets at brisk long-range cruise speed gives you exceptional value.


  •   Economical
  •   Short Range
  •   Versatile
  •   Safe

As for the Twin Prop & Turbo Prop series, they are very economical and comfortable for regional midrange flights. They could seat between five to eight passengers including the flight crew. The Props are an excellent choice for getting in and out of small airports, that is one of the reasons they are excellent for island air ambulance flights and services.

Turbo Props

The dedicated Turboprop “Propjet” air ambulance fleet consists of King Air and Cheyenne aircraft. Propjet aircraft are excellent for midrange transfers with multiple passengers.

The Turboprop series provide better efficiency, roomier cabin and greater payload than some of its jet competitors. And it offers all these advantages at a lower cost.

Twin Props

No aircraft can match the versatility and cost-effectiveness of the twin-engine Cessna. No other medical plane built today can carry as many people to as many diverse places at such a low cost.

For years, air ambulance companies whose success depends upon exceptional service and complete reliability have called upon the twin engine Cessna aircraft.

Advanced Air Ambulance’s Cessna family of medical planes consists of three distinct models: C340, C414 and C421, providing a diversity of choice based on the patient’s medevac transport needs.