Medical Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak


With the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), many are looking for ways to travel while also limiting their contact with others. In addition, travel in and out of the United States and Europe has been severely limited.

Unfortunately, especially in this crisis, medical needs cannot be put on pause. So how can patients get to where they need to go?

The traditional air ambulance and medical flights options are:

  • Private air ambulance
  • Medical escort or medical travel companion
  • Customized medical stretcher aboard commercial airlines

So what if a patient carries an infectious disease or is severely immunocompromised? How is that different?

There are a few medical flight options available. However, to limit contact with non-medical personnel, we recommend a private air ambulance. When flying privately, you can expect these amenities to help avoid infection:

  • Aircraft are sterilized and disinfected after every medical mission
  • Zero exposure to non-essential personnel: a ground ambulance team picks up the patient and transports them directly to the airplane, where the air ambulance team waits
  • Aircraft are at a private terminal with a private entrance, avoiding security lines and exposure with any people in public terminals

In addition to our current recommendation of private air ambulances, we continue to provide other services where medically appropriate. Reach out to us anytime to see what we can do.

We encourage you to adhere to the current health guidelines set out by health administrators. You can read what the CDC (United States Center for Disease Control) has said about protecting yourself from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) here.

Can patients with Coronavirus be transported?

Yes, Advanced Air Ambulance can transport patients diagnosed with novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Can I still fly if I don’t have Coronavirus?

Yes, at this time, air ambulance services and medical transports are available for all patients.

How clean are the aircraft?

Our aircraft are disinfected and sterilized after every flight.

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