What services does Advanced Air Ambulance provide?

At Advanced Air Ambulance Corp., we provide many types of services to suit the patient’s particular medical needs. In most circumstances, Advanced Air Ambulance, Corp., will provide complete worry-free BEDSIDE-to-BEDSIDE service, which means we will provide a ground ambulance to pick up the patient from their bedside to the nearest possible airport. We will then fly the patient on an awaiting air ambulance that is medically equipped with Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment and staffed with a Registered Nurse and/or ALS Paramedic. Upon arrival to the destination airport, an awaiting ambulance will transfer the patient to the final destination. We also provide specialized medical staff when needed. For example, when a patient requires a respirator or ventilator, a Respiratory Therapist is required to operate such a device on board the flight. Physicians may also be available upon request, at additional fees. In addition, Advanced Air Ambulance, Corp. provides Medical Escort Service for those patients that require medical care on a commercial airliner.