Medical Flight Equipment

In order to care for each patient in the air, our planes are equipped with Advanced Life Support (ALS) and any additional equipment the patient may need.

Advanced Air Ambulance, Corp., provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) state-of-the-art medical equipment on board our air ambulance flights. All medical equipment and supplies are checked, prior to and after each air ambulance transfer, by the scheduled flight nurse along with the Chief Flight Nurse to assure proper maintenance and inventory on all medical equipment.

  •  FAA Approved Stretcher System on Board
  •  Cardiac Monitors, ECG, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure
  •  Defibrillators
  •  IV Pumps & Solutions
  •  Infusion Pumps
  •  Oxygen supplies, regulators and gauges
  •  Pulse Oximeter
  •  Portable Suction Units
  •  Intubations Equipment
  •  Respirator / Ventilator
  •  Oropharyneal Airways
  •  Hand Operated Bag-Valve
  •  Mask Resuscitators
  •  Blood Pressure Cuffs
  •  Emergency Drug Box
  •  Clean Linens, Blankets and Pillows

If a baby or a child needs to be transported, then additional equipment might be required for Pediatric and Neonatal Air Ambulance transports. Those specialized medical equipment will be on board when needed:

  • Transport Incubator or Neonatal Portable Isolette
  • Neonatal / Pediatric Ventilator
  • Pediatric ICU or NICU Equipment