Flight Crew

With highly experienced and dedicated crew, our pilots and crew work their best to make sure of a smooth and worry-free flight.

The mechanics and flight crew are responsible for inspecting the aircraft prior to and after each mission. The flight and maintenance crew have been highly trained, with many hours of extensive courses and certifications to ensure safety and comfort on each flight.

To insure the highest standards of safety and comfort, all flight crew work under the direct supervision of the Chief Pilot. This will assure a smooth flight from take-off to landing.

The Chief Pilot, with experience as a commercial airline captain, coordinates with the flight crew and the handlers the schedules for each particular aircraft and all flight plan itineraries, fuel, permits and handling.


At Advanced Air Ambulance safety comes first. Since our inception in 1990, Advanced Air Ambulance has served tens of thousands of patients and passengers without any incident. We pride ourselves with our dedication in making sure that all aircraft are maintained and well serviced at all times. In addition, our careful pre-planning, like weather forecast, is part of our procedure to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

Qualification & Training:

The flight crew Minimum Certificate requirements regarding the qualifications and experience of pilots and co-pilots are: Multi-Engine, Instrument, ATP with 3000 Minimum Hours Required, PIC. All crew follow yearly continuing training requirements that includes: Flight Safety International, FAA Line and Instrument Check Rides.